Rena and Vladan

Rena Vladan | Belgrade & East Berlin

(Rena Raedle and Vladan Jeremic)

Rena Vladan is a duo of artists, activists, publishers, organizers, and educators based between Belgrade and East Berlin. One of theirs recent initiatives is Performative Drawing Studio.

Performative Drawings are thoughtful and joyful, militantly optimistic drawing sessions initiated by two artists from Belgrade. The aim is to invite in an artistic and  pedagogical manner, relational capacities and positive thinking, offering a possibility to share skills, encouraging the viewers to engage in the process of creation and reflection.

They say: Antifascism is love, is partisanship, and it's important today because black lives matter,  and the exploitation of life and nature must stop. Now!


Viva la quince brigada by Performative Drawing Studio, 2020

Viva la quince brigada by Performative Drawing Studio, 2020

Rena and Vladan contributed to the TransEuropean Partisan Jam with an artwork/ video piece for the song Ay Carmela! Two historical posters from the Spanish Civil War appear at the beginning, with the iconic image of a  woman calling to join the partisan militia, and a working man crushing down with his hammer the poisonous snake of fascism. In the recognizable style of the Performative Drawing Studio, Rena and Vladan re-interpret these strong images in a new composition adding up the slogan for Black Lives Matter and  bringing up the anti-racist agenda.