Sergi Botswanas

Sergi Botswanas | Barcelona

Sergi Botswanas (Barcelona) plays guitar, bass, Spanish guitar, piano, he is a singer, producer and dj in three collectives Make Botswanas Great Again, Freedom Bases, and his new project Savanna.

The range of his musical interests is very broad. From latin and rumba, to punk, ska, reggae, funk, rock, techno, dance, and trap. 

He says: Antifascism nowadays gives us an opportunity to unite social movements and world music. As we see the world falling apart and capitalism building a new world order, the conflicts around become the same anywhere we look: sexism, racism, poverty and social control threaten our freedom and our future. As it happens, people are organizing and creating new ways to struggle against fascism, while dreaming a better world. Here we are, the musicians, to give the best of us and make music for better times to come. Join our revolution, don't accept injustice and be part of the change. We cannot rest until freedom comes.

see the video Dictadura by Sergi's band Savanna