Raffaella Aprile | Grecia Salentina

Raffaella Aprile | Grecia Salentina

A refined Salento voice, coming from the Grika lineage, an ancient culture that has its origins right among the olive trees of this bright and harmonious land, and whose dialect is still preserved today... Raffaella is not only a brilliant singer and musicologist, she is also an indefatigable community organizer always using music cultures, languages and dialects as a instrument to connect and bring people together.
She organizes a yearly New Year of the People - a night long music and cuisine festival for all the different communities present in Salento - from Senegambia to Peru, from Albania to the Ethiopia, from Via Leuca to Manhattan.

Same tool is core to all her music works bringing together harvesting from her roots griko to tamil and bambara, from pizzica to reggae, and beyond.

With Rocco Nigro she co-created Orchestra Popolare di Via Leuca among many other projects.